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Keith "The Body" Kelly reports today that American Media Inc.'s celebrity-eating Canadian of Doom, editorial director and on-again, off-again Gawker mascot Bonnie Fuller might have to tighten her purse strings and downgrade her whip to a more frugal, pleather blend. Thus far, under her current contract, she's been sitting pretty:

In 2004, her base was $1,096,154. But in that year, she still got her full $500,000 guaranteed bonus, so the total package topped out at $1,596,154.

That means this year her total pay fell about 1 percent to $1,574,851.

And, as she enters the third and final year of her contract, it's being predicted that her base pay may drop to as "little" as $600K. Which is slightly closer to suffering like all those low-level staffers, whose raises have been indefinitely on hold because of company finances.

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