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JessicaGawker: hey, got a sec? i need to talk about something.
MarkDefamer: uh oh. you ok?
JessicaGawker: not really. So...
JessicaGawker: what's up with laguna beach?
MarkDefamer: hahaha
JessicaGawker: seriously, it's driving me insane! is it HALF reality? completely scripted?!
MarkDefamer: it's supposedly ALL reality
JessicaGawker: it is in NO way 100% reality. their names are different in real life.
MarkDefamer: i'm baffled by it.
JessicaGawker: i want a definitive explanation from MTV.
MarkDefamer: i think no one has the answer. it's like trying to describe the color of the wind, or what God tastes like.
JessicaGawker: MTV has the answer. and i want to know.
MarkDefamer: but if you know, won't it become less special?
JessicaGawker: i'm willing to sacrifice "special" for the truth, mark.

Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County [MTV]