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A spy with an ear to the ground tips us off to a touching Friday event at The Digm, in which suits will be shed and meats grilled for an "Assistant Appreciation Day," a nice departure from the "What the Fuck is Wrong with You, Can't You Even Roll a Call Properly, You Little Bitch Phone Monkey? Days" that clog the rest of the calendar.

Notoriously stuffy (No such thing as "Casual Friday" ) Paradigm is having a dress down day. My guess is that they are just checking the assistants for track marks. The whole company will be gathering for a BBQ of Costco brand foods with Beverly Hills flair. Rumors are circulating that this might be a good time to announce something to the whole company.

Our little rumor-spreader also claims that important, out-of-town Paradigmers will be hanging around the BBQ, almost as if this "something" that may or may not be announced to the "whole company" might involve the slurping up of ICM. Can't an agency just stuff burgers down their underlings' throats to apologize for their tough love without everybody ascribing some kind of ulterior motive to it? We swear, everyone's so cynical in this town.