As of just a few minutes ago, things are looking exciting at our Women of Conde Nast competition.

In the Fashionistas category, only four votes separate twoVogueys, Jillian Demling and Sylvana Soto-Ward. And fellow children of Wintour, Meredith Melling Burke and Plum Sykes, are within spitting distance — which is not to suggest that any of them would ever be so uncouth as to expectorate.

Among the Literati, The New Yorker's Larissa MacFarquhar holds a commanding lead, but don't count out second-place Dana Goodyear — or Ruth Reichl, who we think might have a late surge in her.

Here are the current standings:

This image was lost some time after publication.

Don't forget to vote, and we'll see you Monday morning with the winners.

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