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There they there are, folks, the winning women of Conde Nast. You picked Vogue's Jillian Demling as your favorite fashionista in 4 Times Square and New Yorker profiler Larissa MacFarquhar as your top literati.

While the literati category was wide open very early on, MacFarquhar soon pulled into the lead and maintained her advantage through the contest. On the fashionista side, however, things were more interesting.

Demling and "hottie bombottie" Sylvana Soto-Ward traded the lead through the weekend, with neither getting ahead by more than a few votes. (Indeed, when we checked the standings before heading to the beach after lunch yesterday, we were pleasantly shocked to discover the two in a tie. But by last night Demling had pulled ahead by a handful of votes, and she maintained that lead through this morning, when the polls closed. Which seems just as well: We imagine it might have caused some sort of rift in the universe — or at least in the Si-niverse — if an assistant had beaten several of her mag's top editors for this prize.

Also of interest: Both the winners appear not to have purely blonde hair. This is only worthy of note because it's Conde Nast, where much of the staff looks like Leni Riefenstahl extras. (While we're on the topic: Yes, readers, we know there were no women of color among the finalists. Again: it's Conde Nast. Don't blame us; blame HR.)

Conratulations, Jill and Larissa. We know any number of men who'd be happy to buy you a celebratory drink. We suspect you're uninterested. So at the very least, have something crazy from the International Table today. You deserve it.

Final results after the jump; new contest coming later in the day.

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