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The Times today explains the reasons for last week's surprise departure of Lahlan Murdoch from his high-level News Corporation gig, the publisher job at the Post, and, in its entirety, New York City.

The chief issue was Lachlan's feeling, which he expressed to several people close to him, that his father interfered in his business dealings and undermined him, particularly over the last 18 to 24 months.

We can't tell you how glad we are to hear this. Because we were getting worried that Gawker had finally succeeded in loving Lachlan to death and scaring him away. And we really couldn't handle the criticism if we were responsible for the destruction of even more gay men's dreams.

Plus, there's a silver lining: James Murdoch. Sigh.

Behind Murdoch Rift, a Media Dynasty Unhappy in Its Own Way [NYT]