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Our agony is over. We finally have an answer to the question of whether Must Love Dogs star John Cusack is a dog lover or a dog haver. The AP comes to our rescue:

Q: Are you a dog guy?
CUSACK: Yeah, I love dogs.
Q: It's got to be hard, because you're on the road a lot.
CUSACK: Yeah, it's hard for my lifestyle, because you're gone. But one day ...

We knew that he loves dogs!

Hold's not like us to accept public statements at face value, and it's our job to put aside our feelings and be cynical critical in these situations. Do you think that Cusack might've been coached by a publicist to say that? Could he secretly be a cat fancier afraid that his true, forbidden love might injure his project's box office potential?

Nah...he totally loves dogs! Yay!