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During a press event in Toronto to promote the upcoming release of The Dukes of Hazzard, star Johnny Knoxville proved himself to be a little delicate when it comes to questions about politics:

"It's always funny when a writer or someone tries (to make something political). They did the same thing with Jackass. They tried to deconstruct Jackass. You fellas can write what you write, but we just went out there to have a ball."

Earlier, Knoxville was asked whether he'd used U.S. President George W. Bush as his model for Luke Duke, the slightly smarter cousin to moonshine partner Bo Duke, who is played by Scott. Knoxville refused to answer the question, saying only, "I'd like to shove it up my ass, the whole question."

Touchy, touchy. What would've happened if someone asked him about the rumors that he spent the entire shoot sleeping with Jessica Simpson? It might've been much more fun to hear him threaten to shove Daisy Duke up his ass.