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The L magazine is out with its oddly punctuated "Best! (and Worst) of NYC" double issue. The results come from a reader poll, and we disagree with almost all of it, from their sexiest newscaster (Matt Lauer? Please. Hasn't Pat Kiernan ever read the L folks the paper?) to their best tree-lined block (a host of cute West Village blocks kick Jane's puny ass, beginning with Bank and Commerce) to their best burger (um, guys, if you like Jane Street so much, can we point you to a bistro on its corner?). And let's not even get started on their taste in NYC blogs.

Then again, we know what we wouldn't pick for best hipster-giveaway publication, and we're pretty sure they'd disagree with our choice, too.

The L's Best! (and Worst) of NYC [The L]