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We're like the drug dealer in an after-school special. The first few fixes we give you for free, then you're hooked and can't help yourself. It's the only explanation for this email:

Okay, now you've gotten me obsessed — what happened at Times Mag vs. New Yorker??

We checked, and, sure enough, the cross-Times Square rivals faced off earlier in the week. (We love it that some reader has committed to memory the New Yorker softball schedule we once provided.) While it's true we live to serve, it's even truer that we're fairly lazy. So we weren't able to get our hands on Coach Dellinger's postgame recap of the blessed event. But we didn't manage to finagle a few quick details out of one New Yorkerer:

The Times Magazine came out swinging. We were screwing up big time. They got an 11-1 lead and things felt desperate for us. But with some deft personnel changes we managed to turn things around and came back. In the dim sixth inning light, we tied it up. 12-12.

And we can't help but wonder: What sort of people let a softball game end with a tie score?

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