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· In telling USA Today about her new E! show, Wild On Tara, Tara Reid makes an unfortunate comparison: "You're going to see the people and the country and events and things we do. I feel like Willy Wonka, and I'm taking you into the chocolate factory. It's a classy show." Please, if you're going to tour Reid's chocolate factory, wear the proper protective gear. We'll let her have the last word: "When people see this show, they'll say: 'We've been picking on this girl for 10 years for no reason. She makes everyone around her have a good time.'"
· Cinemocracy scours IMDb for trivia about political movies and discovers that Hollywood once considered Kevin Costner and Harrison Ford virtually interchangeable. (Try telling that to their agents now.) Also, there are 95 "fucks" in Bulworth.
· We're not going to take this Paris Hilton impersonator seriously until she releases a copycat sex tape. This isn't a cocktail party, darling.
· Only our therapist can explain why we find so f'ing, pants-wettingly funny.