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Since we noted the promotional auction of a "date" with the 40 Year Old Virgin a little while ago, the bids have soared from $51 to $4050. But did current bidder ladave323 realize that he wasn't betting on a chance to steal away an actual virgin's closely guarded virtue, just some premiere tickets? One reader raises an interesting question:

I'm a lawyer, and I can't tell if you win an actual dinner with the guy (main copy), or if the footnote is supposed to override it. Lawsuit!

If our reader's quick legal "analysis" is valid (he also offered to handle the deflowering duties in exchange for dinner, so take it for what it's worth), this could lead to a very interesting lawsuit. Instead of settling for some kind of token cash award, perhaps the winner could demand that Universal provide Steve Carrell (hey, his picture's all over the thing) for that date and the plainly stated "chance for something more."