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The September issue of W has an especially lurid piece on Times reporter Alex Kuczynski and her luxurious weekend getaway in Idaho, which we imagine to have involved togas and vomitoriums. It's the sort of piece that makes you marvel and admire Kuczynski's survival as the Gray Lady's patron anomaly — but, at the same time, you uncontrollably seethe with all sorts of jealous rage. It all begins with a disturbingly sudden lede:

"Orgy! Orgy!" exclaims Alex Kuczynski as she raises her glass of Pinot Noir...

Jesus. Dare you read further? Only if you want more perverse details of Kuczynski's hedonistic life.

Surely you'll enjoy some particularly chilling insight into Kuczynski's alter ego as a society wife to investor Charles Stevenson:

Aside from the masseuses, she and Stevenson flew in a yoga instructor, three chefs and a trove of delicacies for the larder (Alaskan halibut, organic rack of lamb), all for the enjoyment of their guests at Middle Fork Lodge, an 80-acre property on the banks of the Salmon River. Situated amid 2.3 million acres of federally protected wilderness, the lodge is reachable only by small aircraft, horse or raft.

Oh God, we're sorry. We didn't mean to make you cry before you got your coffee. But we just can't look away:

"God, is he ripped," said Kuczynski earlier that weekend, admiring her husband's physique as he emerged naked from the outdoor hot tub. "I can't believe what great shape he's in."

Shudder. Come Sunday, we hope Times public editor Barney Calame makes a full apology for Kuczynski's reality.

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