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· Did Eddie Murphy's wife file for divorce because he's not enough fun? You know, the kind of fun that doesn't involve the tranny hookers.
· Our pals at TVGasm scored some pretty sweet pics of the Laguna Beach kids at their prom. We've fallen woefully behind on the second season, so we have no idea who the hoo-er in the yellow dress is.
· Our degenerate blog-brothers from Oddjack and Gridskipper got together to handicap various odds related to Tara Reid's hosting of Wild On Tara, like the 3/1 chance that drunken Americans in Pamplona successfully exhort the hostess to flash the Frankenboobs.
· LAist thinks it's discovered the best waiter in Los Angeles at a Chevy's in Glendale. More amazingly, it seems that this super-waiter has never been a cast member of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge.