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Big news from the world of ambivalent celebrities: Actors Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams — often spotted out and about in Brooklyn being alternately "cute" or "greasy" — are reportedly engaged. At the LA premiere of The Brothers Grimm, the two made their first official appearance since Williams had grown visibly with-spawn; Williams was also seen sporting a large diamond ring on her engagement finger. (Does this mean we'll stop hearing about Ledger cavorting about town with cute women who aren't Michelle? Oh, we hope so.)

A source from within Ledger's family confirms that the two are officially pursuing standard matrimonial validation, and while we suspect that the "source" is actually Ledger's black-sheep 2nd cousin three times removed, the lovebirds do seem to be embracing social norms in an effort to avoid the bastardization of their forthcoming child. Mazel tov, you crazy kids.

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