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No matter what circumstances led to the dissolution of the orphan-sheltering family who received a new house on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, a headline reading "Five Oprhans From Home Makeover Show Sue" looks pretty bad, and the conjured images of crying, parentless children standing out on the street as a Makeover truck pulls away must be inducing aneurysms in ABC's PR staff. From AP:

Five orphaned siblings who moved into a new dream home on the hit ABC television show "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" are suing the network, the company that built the house and the couple who took them in after their parents died.

The children range in age from 15 to 22. They claim that after "Extreme Makeover" built a new nine-bedroom mansion for them to live in with Phil and Loki Leomiti, the Leomitis engaged in "an orchestrated campaign" to drive them away by insulting them and treating them poorly.

The children ultimately moved out of the Leomitis' home in Santa Fe Springs, a small city southeast of Los Angeles, and are living separately with friends, said Charles Higgins II, the eldest sibling.

Now that an ugly lawsuit is involved and things have reached the press, perhaps ABC's lawyers recommended that the Leomiti-Higgins clan be removed from the show's "Meet the Families" page, because Episode 18 is curiously missing. But a resourceful reader found that despite its removal from the index, the page still exists here (at least for now). Maybe it's a little harder to find because of this sadly ironic coda to the episode's description:

The home the Leomitis offered the Higgins kids is not a temporary one. It's to be the Higgins' home too, with or without enough space. The Leomiti family is willing to make whatever sacrifices are necessary to ensure that the Higgins have a brighter outlook in life.

Somewhere, Ty Pennington is putting down his power drill and having a good cry.