Jonathan Cheban: Fashionista First, Japanese Rainbow-Lover Second

It's been far too long since we hunkered down with publicist-designer-Breck model Jonathan Cheban, right? Thankfully, our friends deep in the wilds of New Jersey have just discovered J-Chebs, who reveals the secrets of his style:

"What's hot now are the clothes you can wear both day and night. Like sneakers with jeans and a blazer — that's a very Clarendon look," he says. "I myself have like a hundred pairs of Nikes, a specific type called 'dunks.' Not the mall 'dunks' that you can get anywhere, but the special colors that are impossible to get except in Japan."

Special colors? Can normal people see these special colors? We went to Cheban, who explains, "The colors do exist in a rainbow, except it's a rainbow that exists only over Japan."

Ah. Obviously. And so to explain it would be impossible, like explaining the color blue to a blind man.


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