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Yesterday, we received an email from a couple who've started a blog to boost their chances at being cast on Fear Factor. Our immediate reaction was, "Fear Factor is still on TV?" Our second thought, perhaps even less charitable than the first, was, "Not Survivor? Amazing Race? They want help getting attention for their campaign to win the opportunity to gobble as many rooster testicles, bison boners, and llama anuses as their stomachs can handle in 60 seconds, then suffer Joe Rogan's smug giggles when they inevitably vomit?" Then we realized it's not nice to laugh at self-destructive impulses that we don't understand, so we'll wish them luck, hoping that the thought of the million dollar prize helps them keep down that nasty goulash of animal junk as they're being dropped off a skyscraper in a Ford Focus. Godspeed, etc etc.

And, finally, a word of useless and unsolicited advice: Sell your house and hire a skywriter or take out ads in the LA Times to publicize your inscrutable crusade. Trust us when we tell you that blogging brings only heartache and rejection.