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We don't know which is more curious: The Press having something good to announce, or the Sun breaking media news. Either way, it's interesting: The Press has hired a new editor to replace the recently departed Alexander Zaitchik, who replaced the only slightly less recently departed Jeff Koyen. The new guy is 27-year-old Harry Siegel, son of Giuliani biographer Fred Siegel and a former Sun editorial writer.

The Observer's multifacetedly prodigious Ben Smith, who pointed us to the story, seems to be in favor of this move:

Siegel, a Brooklyn native and holder of the world's last, thickest Brooklyn accent, ran the Sun's editorial page for a while and is the founder of the eccentric, interesting New Partisan Web site. He's smart and serious, and despite being to the right of most New York political types, knows his way around city politics.

Us, we expect much less blasphemy. Which sucks.

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