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Even at the Comedy Central roast of Pamela Anderson, an event ostensibly dedicated to jokes about the inversely proportional relationship between the size of one's fake tits and her talent and intelligence, the mocking of Tom Cruise figured prominently. Says The Scoop:

“One of the roasters, Greg Giraldo, said, ‘Pam, you being the star of a show about books and reading, is like Tom Cruise starring in a show about vaginas,’ ” according to a source.

“Another roaster Sarah Silverman, joked that she knew comedian Andy Dick was definitely straight because he just hit on [Cruise’s sweetie] Katie Holmes,” says another.

Are the organizers behind the event worried that the notoriously litigious Cruise will sue? “They were just jokes,” a Comedy Central spokeswoman tells The Scoop “Tom Cruise can take them however he wants to.”

A Tom Cruise joke that references Andy Dick? Have we died and gone to Taradise Paradise? We missed the roast when it aired last night (somehow the Tivo didn't interpret our "washed up former sex symbols" wishlist to include Anderson), so we don't know if the jokes cleared Comedy Central's lawyers and actually aired, despite the insouciance of the CC spokewoman. Let us know, wouldya? We're curious to find out exactly what the threshold is for an angry letter from Team Cruise demanding that the actor's position on vaginas be more accurately reflected in the broadcast.

[Update: Someone's informed us that both jokes did air. Now Comedy Central gets to see if Cruise and lawyer Bert Fields have a sense of humor.]


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