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The Front Page Award, given by the Newswomen's Club of New York, is, in certain rarefied circles, a big deal. The winners come from the city's finest publications, and the whole event is an estrogen-fuelled banquet of honors and accolades. So you can understand how absolutely strange it was, then, for a close associate to find the above award sitting discarded in a pile of garbage on the North side of 19th street, just West of 3rd avenue.

Who the hell threw away their Front Page Award? Through our mild reportage, we know for a fact the award does not belong to Jennifer Gonnerman (who won that year for in-depth reporting) or the late J.A. Lobbia (honored for beat reporting). But there were over 30 winners in 2000, so we've no clue to whom this fine piece of glass originally belonged. (Although Lenore Skenazy did win that year...)

We'd love to return this award to its proper home and, more importantly, figure out who would be so cavalier about their journalistic Oscar. We welcome any and all of your guesses, clues, or incriminating evidence — if we have to, we'll smoke this bitch out.

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