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Who knew so many of you had thoughts on Lori Majewski's move from Us Weekly to Teen People? Most of those thoughts, alas, are unprintable, given that we're a family website. (Jude Law's cock? No problem. Softball-playing stoners? Sure thing. But some of these horror stories? We have to draw the line.)

Before we decide we've had enough of things Majewski, however, we'll pass on this one paragraph from a 1993 Los Angeles Times article:

Lori Majewski of Weehawken, N.J., was one of several Duran fanzine editors passing out subscription forms at the site. (Her latest quarterly issue includes a chat with Cuccurullo's mom, plus an adversarial interview with "the guy we love to hate," Jim Farber, the rock critic who gave Duran's latest album a D-minus in Entertainment Weekly.) Majewski said she'd cried when it turned out her plane arrived too late for her to catch Duran's appearance at Arsenio Hall's Hollywood Bowl taping Thursday night. But somehow she scored a wristband for the more significant event at Tower. What would she have done if she'd come all this way and hadn't? "Sat in their hotel till they got back and screamed at them."

Somewhere, we're sure, someone's screaming right now.

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