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From Reuters, the story of yet another former child actor landing on the police blotter:

A former child actor and his wife were ordered to stand trial Tuesday for the murder of a wealthy California couple who, prosecutors say, were tied to the anchor of their yacht and thrown overboard alive, never to be seen again.

Orange County Superior Court Judge John Conley ordered 26-year-old Skylar Deleon, who once starred in the "Power Rangers" TV series, and his wife, 24-year-old Jennifer Henderson Deleon, to stand trial for the murders after a two-day preliminary hearing in Santa Ana, south of Los Angeles.

This could be an important test case, helping to further define the level of fame required to beat a murder rap, which now hovers somewhere between "Beretta" and "rental car pitchman/former football star." Our suspicion is that "former Power Ranger" isn't quite going to make the cut. (Unless he was the Green Ranger. Then all bets are off.)

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