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Legendary GQ editor Art Cooper died two years ago, after suffering a stroke while lunching at the Four Seasons with Men's Health editor Dave Zinczenko. Today's WWD notes a curious anecdote Zinczenko relays in the new issue of his magazine:

"I cannot go to a gym without cringing, watching the idiotic, ineffective and downright dangerous exercise routines personal trainers put their clients through," Men's Health editor in chief David Zinczenko writes in his September issue. Zinczenko goes on to describe a friend, "65 years old and about that many pounds overweight," who showed up to lunch complaining that a workout had left him with a sore neck, and left in an ambulance, "felled by a massive stroke. Did the workout kill him? It's possible."

So, to recap: Exercise tips from a trained professional are likely to kill you. Exercise tips from people who've never met you published in a glossy magazine with a buff guy on the cover? Safe as can be.

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