Desperate Housewife Conked On Head, But OK!

Oh, celebrities! When they aren't falling off horses, they're standing around on sets, minding their own business, and practically begging to become victims of gravity. A Defamer operative on the scene wrote in to inform us of an on-set accident yesterday involving Eva Longoria on a Desperate Housewives location shoot:

While rehearsing an exterior prison sequence at Pasadena City College for "Desperate Housewives," a section of cross-pipe that was securing tall chain link fences came loose and fell on top of Eva Longoria's head. She collapsed to the ground, and she lay still for a few minutes while the set medic attended to her. Yes, there was blood, but very little. She was finally carried off the set and taken to a local hospital for further examination. Thank goodness for a pretty little hat that she was wearing, which helped cushion the blow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my favorite desperate housewife isn't brain damaged.

This seems a lot less scary now that the AP has reported that she was treated and released yesterday (no brain damage, Mr. Callous Operative), and won't even miss a day of work. Longoria suffered a far more serious blow when the television Academy's metaphorical snubbing-cross-pipe struck her, leaving her fine work as a gardener-bopping vixen on the show unrecognized by an Emmy nomination.