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Besides being a large-footed inventory clerk in an unexploded landmine reclamation facility in Iraq, working on a television set is the most dangerous job we can think of. Yesterday, Eva Longoria was felled by a falling pipe, and this morning, the set of Guiding Light was temporarily quarantined after a brief mercury scare. Extra is the first to exclusively report on the scare in an Extra-only press release:

“Extra” is first on the set of “Guiding Light” to speak with the show’s executive producer, Ellen Wheeler, who talks only to “Extra” about a health-threatening accident on the set this morning.

Wheeler says, “We were setting up to tape in our emergency room of our prop people broke a thermometer…we had to stop. The initial reaction was for everybody to rush and clean it up. We called 911…a lot of authorities came…six fire trucks and HAZMAT teams…they quarantined the floor…for about three hours”. She goes on to reveal, “They made everyone leave the studio. They cleaned the studio themselves and checked everyone to make sure we didn’t have mercury levels.” Wheeler says, “We resumed taping…just not on that set…they did confiscate a few pairs of shoes. It was a little daunting…everyone is fine.”

We at Defamer are concerned for the safety and well-being of entertainment industry professionals, and we hereby grant permission to everyone working in the business to take the rest of the day off. (Teamsters: You're probably already way ahead of us. Oh, how we kid!) After two scares in two days, we all probably need some personal time to make peace with this potentially deadly line of work.