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Just as his manager "hinted" might happen last week, rehabbing actor Tom Sizemore's sex tapes have surfaced. AVN Online reports:

Despite rumors that the tape would feature model/actress Liz Hurley, none of the women featured are mainstream stars.Instead, the tape often features multiple women at once and an unrepentant Sizemore.

XPays co-owner Evan Horowitz said he expects a different reaction to the Sizemore footage than his company received to the Hilton tape.

“One can only hope [it turns out as well]. We don’t really think of it in terms of comparison – this is a novelty item,” he said.

Horowitz said the likely target audience for the tape is middle-aged women – not exactly the biggest demographic for porn surfers – but expressed no doubt that the tape will sell.

Perhaps the only thing sadder than aiding the release of your celebrity sex tape (Sizemore's getting a cut, so it seems that he's in on this) is having your desperate, videotaped acts referred to as a "novelty." And somehow we can't picture the gals from the target audience gathering around a big bowl of popcorn for a fun night of Sex and the City DVDs and Sizemore pathetically diddling porn stars and hookers. (Besides, wasn't that a Samantha subplot is Season 4?)