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· With all of the negative coverage of Tom Cruise in the media lately, it seems that we never get to hear the good things, such as the heartwarming story of how he inspired the book My Love for You, Tom Cruise—A Desperate Chinese Girl's Confession. Equally heartwarming restraining orders to follow.
· Still more information about Tom Sizemore's penis that we really didn't need to know: Heidi Fleiss poo-poos the permaboner talk, saying, "He needed Viagra when I was with him."
· BoingBoing sings the praises of local funnypeople The Lonely Island, who posted their rejected Fox pilot, Awesometown, online and just landed a gig writing/performing on SNL.
· The LAT looks at Hollywood's unsung heroes, the script readers. They read so agents don't have to learn how to.
· American Idol runner-up Bo Bice underwent emergency surgery to remove a blockage in his intestines on Friday; the surgery was successful, and the doctors returned the bong to Bice relatively intact, no awkward questions asked.