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The New York Sun — and hey, they would know — has a sad revelation this morning: the celebrity magazine editor is dying. ("Oooh!" our readers scream, "which one, which one, which one??!!") The Sun focuses on Richard Spencer, the editor-in-chief of In Touch Weekly, a former soap opera writer and a guy who nobody knows, which is what happens when you work in Englewood, New Jersey. (If MediaBistro had a Fishbowl Englewood, they'd have a weekly feature talking to everyone they could see eating Cheez-Its and drinking bad coffee at different tables in the Bauer break room.)

The point of the piece? Magazines aren't about big-name editors anymore; they're about efficiency and good management skills. Which is totally not any fun; somehow, it's a sad thing to imagine out celebrity weekly editors grabbing the drive-thru at the Outback Steakhouse.

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