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Yesterday, we learned that if you don't treat the domestics with dignity and respect, they will rob you blind in retaliation. Today, a new life lesson from Hollywood: If you abuse your publicists, they will plant unflattering items in Page Six:

FUNNYMAN Vince Vaughn may not be as nice as he seems. The frat-boy icon, who shot to A-list stardom this year with the success of "Wedding Crashers," and is now cuddling up to Jennifer Aniston during the filming of "The Break Up," has been dropped by his longtime public relations firm, the powerful I/D PR. One insider said, "Vince was being abusive." A partner at I/D PR confirmed that Vaughn was dumped but added, "There is no truth to your negative portrayal of Vince. We continue to have an amicable relationship and wish him continued success." Vaughn's reps at United Talent Agency didn't return calls.

While we can't say for sure this is how it happened, isn't it easy to picture the "insider" and the "partner" from the flackery sitting across the desk from each other, passing the phone back and forth, taking turns talking smack and issuing insincere-sounding denials? Nicely done. Fruit baskets for everyone!