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We're not saying that the New York Press has slid to the bottom of the media food chain around here, but when the new editors took over and fired off a spirited "here we are, world, look out!" manifesto, it took nearly 24 hours for anyone to notice, including us, and this is our job. Regardless: new EIC Harry Siegel and Co. detail what the new New NEW! New York Press is going to look like. From what we can tell:

• They don't like Mayor Bloomberg, and they don't like the Democratic candidates either. (They're impartial! You can trust them!)
• The paper has an ideology, but that ideology won't be reflected in its pages. (They're fair! You can believe them!)
• They will run fiction and poetry. (They're pretentious! You can imagine going to grad school with them!)
• They once got drunk a few years ago and decided they wanted to take over the Press but accidentally walked into the offices of the Voice instead. (They're incorrigible dreamers! You will realize you are just like them!)

We don't think we're going to want to read the paper, but something about the new guys is just so huggable, you know?

The Manifesto [NY Press]