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Don't get us wrong. We're lighting candles for the speedy and healthy return of missing (and possible runaway) actress Scout Taylor-Compton, but didn't her parents have any real pictures of her to send to the press? Trying to identify someone by their head shot is nearly impossible. (In ours, we look like a 19-year-old George Clooney, but with Brad Pitt's abs.) We also don't know why the wire stories about the disappearance have to include an exhaustive listing of her credits ("Hey, are you that missing actress? Loved, loved you on Gilmore!") and frequent mentions of her publicist, but we're sure those two things are completely unrelated.

UPDATE: We knew that if we stepped away from the computer for an hour for an incredibly rare lunch not over our desk, someone would find the missing actress. We suggest that CBS cast Gilmore Girls co-star Alexis Bledel in their ripped-from-the-headlines-and-rushed-into-production MOW, My Name Is Scout: Confessions of a Runaway Actress.

Thanks to all the people who e-mailed about the update. Also, we should note that lunch was delicious.