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Several games worth talking about this week:

First, The New Yorker played Columbia Journalism Review on Tuesday night, and all we've heard is this terse dispatch from the vanquished:

We got crushed last night, man. I guess when you play one game, with about 30 minutes of practice beforehand, that's gonna happen.

The correspondent was too despondent to give much detail, or even a score, and to the best our knowledge there has not yet been a Dellinger wrapup circulated at The New Yorker.

Next, last night, The Nation played the mighty mighty High Times Bonghitters. Once again, we hear from the losers, who bury the lede — that lefty mag writers sometimes smoke pot. (Who knew?) The Nation's report:

The Nation was basically humiliated last night. High Times won 20-3. It kind of felt like we were the Falkland Islands and they were Britain and America.

They were still kind of cocky and attitudinal about it, but not nearly as obnoxious as they were last year. I don't think we made THAT many errors — it was just a case of them hitting almost every pitch we threw. They did share some kind of "experimental" baked goods with us though. And some of us partook of their after-game ceremony.

Finally, there was also an inter-Conde faceoff between Cargo and Vanity Fair last night, and there's a Today-GMA grudge match scheduled for today. We'll relay details on both as soon as we learn them.

As the man says, DEVELOPING...

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