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For whatever reason (ambivalence, unpleasant mental images of Vince Vaughn pumping away on top of Jennifer Aniston, etc), we never lent much credence to the tabloid/weekly speculation that The Break-Up's stars were engaging in some hot, off-screen action. It seemed too tidy, too convenient. Today, however, Rush & Molloy's spies claim to have seen Vaughn and Aniston locked in a tonsil-tasting competition at their movie's wrap party:

Vaughn and Aniston are said to have been all over each other at Dwight Yoakam's show at the Chicago House of Blues, where cast and crew celebrated the end of shooting on the romantic comedy.

According to our witness, the pair started by holding hands, then they had their "arms around each other. Then they were dancing. Then they were 'I-want-to-rip-your-clothes-off' dancing. Then they were straight making out."

If they're trying to establish Vaughnnifer as a bankable tabloid commodity and generate Brangelina-level heat, they'd better not peak too early. They can continue the conspicuous makeout/denial cycle for a while, but a good rule of thumb is no Third World orphan adoptions or sexual safaris until the first trailers arrive in theaters.