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Well, we kept waiting for someone else to cover it, but apparently we're the only ones who care (and, frankly, we don't): With the new editors at The New York Press getting all settled in, that means some old warhorses are leaving. And by "warhorse," we mean "smug I'm-in-a-better-place-now-anyway asshead," and by that we mean "Matt Taibbi." The famous Pope death chronicler decided to announce his resignation once the new editors came in, in typically classy, honorable fashion.

When I learned of an impending change in managment about a month ago I decided to quit. I have since learned that there would not have been an opportunity for me to stay anyway.

Just in case not everybody got the message — the new people suck! only I can be trusted to bring you truth! — Taibbi was the recipient of two letters in the mailbag this week, one including the classic line, "He is (was) thought-provoking, funny, and sophisticated, and he was the only reason me and many of my friends logged on to every week," written by "Morgan Southwood." We can't decide if it's a fake name or just a friend of Taibbi's. We're going with the fake name.

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