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Several readers have alerted us to a special event over on E!'s Wilshire Blvd. campus, where the new(ish) executive regime might be trying to make a clean break with the past. That's right—yard sale! They're not only selling off t-shirts of long-canceled shows, they're hawking their former CEO's old furniture:

It really is the end of an era. E! is not only selling T-shirts from defunct shows, but they're also taking bids on ex-CEO Mindy Herman's old office furniture. It's mainly steel tables and retro chairs, and no punching bags in sight.

The T shirt sales are open to the public (lots of Brooke t-shirts), but the furniture is in an upstairs conference room.

If they're really interested in symbolism, perhaps they can persuade Tara Reid to close out the sale by burning an effigy of Anna Nicole Smith, finally ending that ugly chapter of their history.