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Perhaps prompted by the recent media love for super-rich housekeeper Martha Stewart, a reader privy to the first taping of syndicated daytime show Martha writes in to inform us that perhaps one leg of Martha's comeback might be less than perfect:

Just wanted to let you know that I was at the taping for the brand new show Martha last Friday. It was their first taping of the new show and with more than 15 years of flack experience, I can honestly tell you that the show SUCKED!!

It was "bring your favorite houseplant" day and Martha had some guests from the audience talking about their favorite houseplants. The first 10 minutes were mind-numbing.

C'mon, it's just the first episode — so harsh. How could houseplants possibly be "mind-numbing?" Just the thought of watching Martha admire and gently stroke a wandering jew has our bladder leaking all sorts of things. Of course, there's more to why the new show might make your eyes burn, and those reasons involve Bernadette Yes-I'm-Still-Alive Peters.

After that, we were treated to Bernadette Peters' dogs jumping all over the set and generally causing an uproar barking non stop.

I am betting that before the October air date of this particular show, they will be spending a considerable amount of time at the AVID machines editing the hell out of this one.

She needs to go back to jail for this show alone.

Oh yeah, the entire time I was standing backstage about three feet from Mark Burnett and he treated everyone backstage like an ass. He needs to be put on a deserted island for while for an attitude adjustment.

The man inspired for the death of scripted program was an ass? Hold on, let us feign shock.