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We're starting to suspect that the Times is more obsessed with MTV's quasi-reality show Laguna Beach than we are. Sure, we may have our Gawker HQ walls plastered with the sunny faces of Orange County, but the Gray Lady certainly does write some long-ass articles about the skein. We're impressed: It's quite the challenge to squeeze out more than a thousand, Times-worthy words on a show that on average features only 50 words of intelligent dialogue.

Today the Times looks at the genius marketing behind Laguna and the potential career trajectory of its stars:

[Kristin Cavalleri] has appeared on "Live With Regis and Kelly" and has posed for the cover of Seventeen magazine. [Stephen] Colletti, meanwhile, has posed for a fashion spread in Teen Vogue. Both Ms. Cavallari and Mr. Colletti have signed up a team of talent representatives in the hopes landing roles on scripted television shows.

Oooh, PR dominatrix Leslie Sloane finally let her little clients out of the closet. Not to say we told you so, but you know we did.

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