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Newly-crowned Jane EIC Brandon Holley has officially settled into her throne, and with her arrival comes the inevitable changes to the mag's starting lineup. Today's WWD reports that Kusum Lynn will be taking over for Sciascia Gambaccini as Jane's new fashion director; Lynn previously held the same position at Nylon. For her consolation prize, Gambaccini will remain at Jane as a contributor.

We also hear that Holley has decided to replace creative director Johan Svensson, who's responsible for the magazine's most recent redesign. Svensson has held the position for about a millenium or so, but Holley reportedly has an as-yet-unnamed replacement in mind.

We're not sure if any of this comes as a surprise: Guess it depends on how naive staffers were when Holley said she'd rather take them camping in Montauk than "shake things up." (Camping in Montauk? So Jane!)

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