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After none of his personal favorites from the casting process for the third installment of The Apprentice made it through to the show, Donald Trump spent the entire season unhappy with the cast, a prisoner of his own fake boardroom. This season, however, Trump seized control, and the new lineup of Armani-clad firing fodder will reflect The Donald's predictable exquisite taste. From the NY Times:

Of the 18 contestants, 17 were his picks, he said. "If I'm looking for somebody out of 18 people to work for me, how come somebody else is picking the 18 people?" he asked. "Doesn't make sense." [...]

"We have an ex-stripper who is tough as nails," he said. And then there is Jennifer Murphy. Mr. Trump, who claims a certain expertise in the area, described her as "one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen."

He said some of the show's producers advised him against selecting her: "They said she was too beautiful. I said, 'Excuse me, there is no such thing as too beautiful.' They said, 'Donald she's so beautiful, she's not credible.' I said, 'No. 1, she happens to be smart. No. 2, she's very beautiful - congratulations, she's going on the show.' There wasn't going to be another 'Apprentice' 3 thing where I end up with a cast where I have to pick people to work for me and I don't believe in them."

And if his belief in this incredibly beautiful Apprentice front-runner is shaken, say, by a distressing failure to participate in this season's special, off-camera "Hey, Are Those Real? Challenge," Trump still has that tough-as-nails ex-stripper to groom for that coveted position in his corporation. A good businessman always has a contingency plan.

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