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So we're looking through New York mag's brand-spanking-new real-estate website. (Yeah, yeah. It's a slow day, we're a little bored, and everyone's favorite media flack, the mosserrific Serena Torrey, was trying to convince us it's interesting that their listings are updated every hour, as opposed to the Times's, which she says are only updated twice a day. It's not.) For shits and giggles, we figured we'd see what was for sale in the West Village, expecting a New York-appropriate listing of only the finest Bank Street townhouses and Richard Meier glass boxes. Instead, we found what we assumed was a typo: $450K for a 3BR on Charles Street.

But it's not a typo. Turns out, it's a rent-controlled tenancy. Which, when we first read it, we thought sucked. The rent you'd earn is likely less than the $879 monthly maintenance you'd have to pay.

Then we remembered a quirk of the rent-control laws. We think landlords can kick out tenants if they want to live in the place themselves. If so, again: $450K for a 3BR on Charles Street.

Which raises the question: Who wants to go halfsies with us? We'll use the third room as a den!

(Sorry. Please excuse our brief, uncharacteristic flash of Curbeditude. We now return you to your regularly scheduled gossip and snide remarks.)

25 Charles Street [NYMetro Real Estate]