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For those cutting-edge Hollywood scenesters who find that the Tropicana Bar isn't exclusive and/or sufficiently A-lister-fellating enough for their tastes, local nightlife despot Amanda Scheer Demme will soon offer a solution at the Roosevelt Hotel. Our friends at explain:

Teddy's, which she named after her deceased husband Ted Demme, will be even more exclusive than the Tropicana Bar. Unlike other A-list clubs where celeb status, model looks or a short skirt is enough to get past the bouncer, there are only two ways to get past her velvet rope.

1. You are an FOA (Friend of Amanda)

2. You are powerful in your industry, be it entertainment, retail or art.

Amanda, who is not the sexiest gal in the circuit, doesn't care what you look like, according to her rep. She wants her clientele to be a powerful industry mix, which explains why Jesse Metcalfe was recently told the Tropicana Bar was at capacity as Kirsten Dunst waltzed inside. Teddy's is half the capacity of the Tropicana Bar and only FOAs will be allowed in. When that hits capacity, she'll select her closest friends to join her in the adjoining Library Bar. It'll be like the Russian Nesting Dolls of clubs that gets successively more exclusive. However, on the nights when Teddy's is closed, non-FOAs and Roosevelt Hotel guests get access to the Library Bar—that's as close as they'll ever get to stepping foot in Amanda's territory.

Those special enough to burrow down to the Library Bar level will discover that there is yet another echelon of exclusivity available to only the hottest and most powerful patrons. Tucked away behind a series of velvet ropes at the back of the room is a telephone booth on a three-foot pedestal; once a night, Scheer Demme will select a single guest to join her inside it to split a bottle of Jack Daniels, while the other FOAs quietly fume over their public snubbing, hoping against hope they will one day make The Booth.