Condi Rice Leaves NYC High and Dry

Yesterday we had some interesting sightings of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice enjoying her much-deserved break in Manhattan; she took in a show, played some tennis, bought some shoes. Sounds like the perfect vacation for a Lucky girl. Or not:

At the State Department's daily briefing yesterday morning, before the New York incident, spokesman Sean McCormack responded to a journalist who asked whether Rice was involved with hurricane relief efforts by saying, "She's in contact with the department as appropriate." He made no mention that his boss had any plans to leave New York.

But yesterday afternoon, Rice had done just that. Department spokeswoman Joanne Moore told us: "The secretary is back in Washington, and she is being briefed on the situation." Moore did not know whether Condi had planned a longer stay here.

So does this mean Madam Secretary won't be spending today in that big corporate suite at the U.S. Open? Whatever. We've shitkicked yet another person from NYC; Ann Curry, we're coming for you next.

As South Drowns, Rice Soaks in NY [R&M]
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