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Livid that their favorite actor has been given the heave-ho from Alias, angry Michael Vartan fans have apparently started a campaign of "misinformation" against co-star and former lovah Jennifer Garner, whom they blame for Vartan's unceremonious curb-kicking. Page Six runs down the finer points of a memo being distributed by the fans, then gives an ABC publicist equal time to refute reports of the evil laser beams supposedly emnating from Garner's eyes:

Among the misinformation in a memo being sent out by aggrieved fans:
* No one is allowed to mention Vartan's name on the set.
* Everyone present must applaud Garner after each scene.
* No one can look at Garner going to or from her trailer, and no one is allowed to speak with her.
* Everyone must be polite to Affleck, even though Vartan's friends can't stand him.
The letter notes that Vartan was loved by "everyone who worked on set."

When informed of the missive, a representative for the series said: "This letter is so not true! Ben has only been to the set twice in the past year, and, of course, people say Michael Vartan's name — they love him. He was loved very much on the set, and they remember him fondly.

"Meanwhile, people do look at Jennifer and she doesn't mind," the "Alias" flack said. "I ran into her at the commissary and she was there talking to a woman in a wheelchair. When she saw me, she came over, gave me a hug and asked how my summer was going."

See? Jennifer loves everybody! The publicist continued, "OK, I wasn't going to tell you this because it's going to look a little like image rehab, but I just have to. Right after I told her all about my summer, Jen turned back to her differently-abled friend and gave her a big hug. And then—you guys are not going to believe this—she got up out of the wheelchair and walked over to the salad bar! Jen's a really incredible person, guys."