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• Farewell, soon, to the Tara Reid self-loathing index: Looks like the show's been canned and E! has sent the troops home. Poor Tara. She can't even have a career as an alcoholic. [Defamer]
• Kudos to socialite Fabian Basabe for his appearance on today's Oprah. Notable quotable: "A lot of people think that being a socialite is just a bunch of rich kids running around, doing nothing. That's incorrect...being social is a career." If this isn't proof positive of our failed education system, we don't know what is.
• Kanye West refuses to remove his iPod long enough to pay due to Fashion Week. Obviously, Kanye West does not care about skinny people. [OAN]
• We swear this is the last O.C. reference we'll make, uh, today, but our crack-smoking little brother has taken up the cultural cause: Odds that "while Seth is away in prison, Summer uses Captain Oats as a dildo - 3,500/1." Call your bookies. [Oddjack]
• Not even Fox is ready for hurricane humor; the network holds an episode of The Family Guy that contained "a couple" of references to a hurricane. [B&C]
• Au revoir, Chelsea piers? [The Real Estate]
• Hip-hop jack-of-all-crap Diddy gets all Trump-y on us and is rumored to be working on opening a hotel in Atlantic City. [Hotelchatter]
• Did Coney Island's legendary roller coaster-cum-death machine, the Cyclone, break on Saturday? And if the only outlet to document it is Craigslist, does it mean it ever really happened? [Craigslist]
• OMG, LA Weekly's Nikki Finke said something nice. [LAW]