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In today's post-Labor Day, McConaughey-dominated episode: Matthew McConaughey x3; David Hasselhoff, Steve Bing, and Matthew McConaughey; Owen "The Butterscotch Stallion" Wilson; Sandra Bullock and Jesse James; Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maria Shriver, Jessica Simpson, and Kate Capshaw; Keanu Reeves and Clea DuVall; Keanu Reeves and Benjamin Bratt; John C. Reilly; Jack Black; Michael Bay. Eddie Murphy, Cuttino Mobley, Blu Cantrell, and Brandy; Yoko Ono; Ashlee Simpson, Chris Messina, Seth Green, and Danny Masterson; FPJ; Benjamin Bratt; Adam Brody and David Cross; David Cross; Jason Bateman; Jason Bateman, Portia de Rossi, Jessica Walter, and Jeffrey Tambor; Jason Alexander; Neil Patrick Harris and Jeremy Sisto; Matthew Perry; Zooey Deschanel; Macaulay Culkin; Michael Rappaport x2; Eve; Morgan Fairchild; Kathy Griffin; Debra Jo Rupp, Judy Greer, and Alexis Bledel; Flea and Jane Wiedlin; Jon Cryer; Andy Milonakis, Jason Mewes, and Charles Fleischer; Lori Petty; Tori Spelling; John Cho; Ted Casablanca.

· Matthew McConaughey was at yesterday's (8/28) Dodger-Houston Astros game. (Sunday, August 28th). It was boiling hot and he had his shirt off! He has an amazing body. He had on movie star sunglasses and a beard and beautiful movie star teeth.


· A shirtless and beer-buzzed Matthew McConaughey sitting directly in front of us with nonfamous friends in the front row behind the Astros dugout at the Dodger game Sunday (8/28). That fucking guy. I want to see his deal with the devil. And I want to punch him in the face for Sahara, but he's pretty big these days, prob could've kicked my ass. Hair looked real too, no plugs or transplants as far as I could tell.

· Hi. It may not count, but Matthew McConaughey came up on stage during the John Mellencamp concert at the Hollywood Bowl Monday night (08/29). McConaughey played tambourine and sang (and I use that word loosely) "Pink Houses". I know every word; I'm not sure Matty did.


· 8/29 - tongiht at the john fogerty/mellencamp concert at the hollywood bowl... saw david hasselhoff backstage by the tour busses (dude is TALL and overall ridiculous), chatted it up with steve bing in the hospitality room (nicest guy on the planet), i forget his name but the head of animation at disney was downstairs too, and babyface was sitting in his seat with sleeping baby in arms, looking very peaceful. supposedly matthew mconahue or whatever was there too but i didn't see him. fogerty totally stole the show, btw.

· I would like to file a friend-of-the-court brief for Owen Wilson...I saw him running with his dog in Santa Monica yesterday and he seemed very normal and smiled sweetly in an almost shy way — not the I-know-you-want-me way that you'd expect. Please grant him a brief reprieve from the Butterscotch Stallion branding iron.

· Hey there, was at the Target in Seal Beach this past Saturday and spotted none other than Sandra Bullock and new husband Jesse James doin a little shoppin. I was a little shocked to see them both in sleepy Seal Beach, but I guess she decided to make the move to the OC...

· My cousins from D.C. came in town this weekend. And like all visitors to Los Angeles, they were hoping for some good celebrity spottings. After 3 days of nothing but the 5th runner up from America's Next Top Model, I began to get nervous. Then, this past Sunday, I got two primo sightings for them. The first one - Arnold Schwarzenegger was driving with the fam (Maria included) next to us on PCH on the way to Malibu. He and his security S.W.A.T. team (with the largest shotguns I have ever seen) crawled up next to us in PCH traffic until Arnie decided to turn around mid-road with cigar in mouth. His security stopped traffic so he could safely u-turn - must be nice to be the governor. My second score was at Planet Blue in Malibu. Still giddy from the Arnie sighting, we walked in and lo and behold in the corner was my fellow Texan Miss Jessica Simpson. She stood by me with what I gather is her stylist trying to figure out if a certain shirt would work. After deciding it could be a "disaster", she walked out and her ever-present assistant CaCee Cobb walked in. Oh and Kate and Jessica Capshaw were also there, but they were overshadowed by the Simpson sighting. So Malibu was a success and now I look pretty cool to my extended family. Phew!

· Saw Keanu backstage enjoying Sonic Youth's set on the first night of ArthurFest. When the shutterbugs became bored silly by the usual noisy SY antics, they focused on him, but he wisely ducked away until they left. Also saw Clea DuVall from "Carnivale" hanging all over some very cute girl during the Sleater-Kinney toss and nonsense.

· Went to see Thumbsucker tonight - it was the big hoo-ha premiere at the Egyptian Theater. Keanu Reeves and Ben Bratt were there - Vincent D'whatsisname, Tilda Swinton and Vince Vaughn were not. Keanu showed up with not one, but two bimbos; but didn't stay for the afterparty. Ben Bratt showed up alone and stayed to the end of the party in the Egyptian's courtyard. The scariest part of the whole evening? Keanu Reeves was actually good in the movie. No, really. I'm serious. He was good. I can't believe it, either. Hell must have frozen over, because my feet are really cold now.

· Saturday morning (8/27)- John C. Reilly in Whole Foods, Pasadena. Tallest guy in the store. Scruffy and cranky with wild hair. But not ugly- he gets a bad rap- I think he looks exactly like a real "actor" should look. Shopping with two kids- I think his son and a little friend. These boys were wild inside their little cart that looks like a Tonka Toy, so Dad put one of them on a "time-out." Now, I'm no parent, but how does a "time-out" work in a crowded grocery store?? The kids remained wired for sound despite Dad's repeated assurances "We are leaving very soon." I guess the "Under-10" set does not care that Dad was amazing in Boogie Nights, Magnolia, Chicago, The Good Girl etc. He yelled out to nobody in particular "Can somebody help me with the wine?" Dude- they were all $60 a bottle and up in that section- you're probably pretty safe with any of them. Take a risk!

· We were eating dinner Sat. night (8/27) at La Serenata on Pico and noticed a party waiting for almost an hour for their other guests to arrive. In walked Jack Black and a girlfriend. He hugged an older woman and man, apparently his parents. Jack looked like he does on screen: straggly hair, beard, potbelly. He was subdued, not the manic, hilarious dude we expected.

· Michael Bay at mood on Saturday night, with a group of female escorts. Eddie Murphy was also there chatting it up with some girl (surprised it wasn't a man dressed like a girl). Cuttino Mobley (NBA basketball player) was also there, and singer Blu Cantrell, Brandy and Caleise were also out and about in the VIP room.

· Was staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel this past weekend for a wedding and, while on my way for Sunday (9/3) post-wedding brunch, who should I see walking down the hall but a pale, asian woman wearing a lot of clothing for the warm weather and some big, dark shades. Who else could it have been but Yoko Ono? I had heard tell of Sean Lennon sightings on the premises as well, but I didn't catch a glimpse of him.

· Although I despise the Hollywood Blow-Job Corral (a.k.a. "The Tropicana") as much as the next guy, I inadvertently ended up there Saturday night (friend invited me to a private cabana, claimed getting in would be "easy"). While getting into the private cabana was a torturous skullfuck, I have to admit, I had an OK time especially since I was apparently deemed "great and interesting" enough. All these tales of Roosevelt Hotel debauchery and decadence made me expect to see Hohan blowing rails off of Mischa Barton's ladyparts with a sense of hedonism not seen since Studio 54. However, the place reeked of a more C-list crowd Saturday night and what I saw was more of the "who?" variety. While Ashlee Simpson was there I consider her to be as substantial as a fart. Chris Messina, anyone? That would be Claire's boyfriend from Six Feet Under "fame." A tired and bedraggled looking Seth Green looking as short as everyone says he is. Hipster and Brent Bolthouse BFF, Danny Masterson looking like a roadie that Foghat discarded long ago. There was so much mediocrity being passed around Saturday night at the Trop that its painfully obvious that ASD was filling in the "Westside whatever" she so desperately prayed for while Hohan blew rails off of ladyparts elsewhere.

· So I am walking out of the 24 Hour Fitness (Saturday 9/1) in the Sherman Oaks Galleria (yeah I know) and I'm not paying attention to where I am going and I run right into some dude standing by the escalator. Since I was looking at the ground I looked up to say sorry to whoever I just bashed right into. As I am looking up I notice this guy has on short light green shorts (my co-workers tell me it is identified as sea foam) and this tucked
in polo shirt. Now, I am talking short shorts here—circa old man 1985. So I look at the guy, who is wearing a hat that matches the shorts and dark circular sunglasses, and realize it is Freddie Prinze Jr! First I say sorry, then I do a quick look around for Sarah Michelle Gellar, and as I board the escalator I laugh to myself and think "Ha, your sitcom is gonna bomb!"

· Spotted actor and former Julia Roberts boytoy Benjamin Bratt at Whole Foods in Santa Monica. He was leaner than he looks on screen, very tan, and absolutely gorgeous; Julia apparently knows a hot piece of ass when she sees it. I wanted to jump him right there, but he was unresponsive to my desperate attempts to make eye contact.

· Last night *8/4) at the ArcLight we spotted Adam Brody and someone else from the OC. But since I'm like the only person I know who's never seen a single ep of the show, I can't remember the name of the person with whom he was with. I'd barely rec. Mr. Brody as is. This morning I had a nice bonus birthday gift. While the hubby and I were traversing Melrose Ave. to get to Urth (hate the name, the insufferable crowd and just about everything else about this place but do love the coffee, food, and their good labor practices) none other
than a Mr. David Cross in an A4 (a fairly modest yet acceptable Hollywood star car; though I'd peg him more as a Prius, Saab or Volvo type) stopped to let us, er, CROSS the street. So he does live up to his name after all! I'm allowed to make bad puns on my birthday, aren't I?

· Went to a friend's party Saturday night, located just off the Sunset Junction brou ha ha. For unknown reasons, David Cross was in the living room around 1 a.m., standing against the wall looking nerdy and sporty in baggy shorts, white tech fabric t-shirt, and a hat (baseball or golf variety, I can't remember). He seemed kinda like a wallflower but was probably just trying to stay under the radar—a somewhat unnecessary precaution, as the focus in that room was intently upon the dj's magical dance-inducing fresh sounds. The story is that David was there with his girlfriend, who lost her purse at some point (oh no), but then found it again (oh yay).

· Labor Day, at the Arclight (quickly becoming the most reliable celebrity sighting locale in Hollywood), I saw my hero Jason Bateman! He was with a woman I assume was his wife, since he had his arm around her. He seemed very casual, low key, and happy - chatting with the wife as they were leaving the theater. He was wearing jeans, sandals and a red t-shirt. I love ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, cannot wait for the new season to start!

· I just met most of the cast of Arrested Development in front of the BH city hall. Jason Bateman was extremely nice and friendly. I had ridden up on my bike and talked to him about his character's riding a bike (but without a helmet). He explained that in the show his wife was dead, and they think she died in a car accident which is why he rides a bike. Then about an hour later (after my ride) I stopped back and saw Jason again practicing lines with Portia de Rossi (also nice) so I rode up and said hi. Jessica Walter who said Hi as well (had a lackey holding an umbrella over her). As I was leaving Jeffrey Tambor was on the sidewalk and he said hi, and I pointed out that I had bananas on my socks (cycling socks), and he asked why, so I said it was just a coincidence. All in all I'd have to say they were the mellowest and friendliest cast I've met.

· With the fanny pack swung around his big belly and porno theatre perfect stubble, Jason Alexander is virtually indistinguishable from a midwestern tourist. I spotted him at the Sunset/Gower Starbucks picking up a beverage and a chocolate marshmallow bar on Labor Day in the afternoon. I would have had no idea that George was in my presence were it not for his unmistakable voice, so complete is his touristy cloak. Despite questionable fashion sense, he was very polite and friendly.

· Went to The Griddle for "big eats" on Labor Day around 1 p.m. even though I'd been sick at 3 a.m. from the steak quesadilla I ate at Chevy's (sans Kathy Griffin). Anyway, waited outside with friends and
stood next to Jeremy Sisto, who was also there with some friends. He was pretty low key, and was not talking anyone to death or longing to get it on with a sibling. Next Neil Patrick Harris walked past us to put his name on the list. We were all seated at roughly the same time, with Jeremy Sisto in the boothbehind us and NPH two booths ahead. Toward the end of lunch, there was a pretty intense interaction with a homeless man (?) who'd come in and was screaming that he wanted his food, and the diminutive host of the
place. The man was hustled outside, screaming all the while. All 500 customers stopped eating frisbee-sized
pancakes long enough to gawk in a combo of horror and guilty delight, while making a mental note of
alternative exits. Once the man was out on the sidewalk, one of the hot, tough guy waiters went out
to try to get him to leave the vicinity. Long story longer, hats were taken off, food was dropped to the
ground, fingers were shoved into chests in preparation for punches to begin, and the host came out of nowhere
and took the homeless guy down! NPH gazed out the window while trying to make it seem like he wasn't too
interested, while Jeremy Sisto literally pressed his face to the window for a better look. It's good to
know celebs are just like the rest of us.

· 8/29: Matthew Perry giving a hot guy driving a jeep directions in West Hollywood (next to Hamburger Hamlet).

· When I sneak away from work and go to the gym I see Zooey Deschanel. Today (8/29) is no different. Some loser hollywood type who dropped his ipod whilst running a minute ago was talking to her as she walked by. She seemed nice about it. I hope he loses his ipod again. And his footing.

· 9-6-05, on my way home from Gelson's at about 7:25 P.M., on Kings in WEHO, a very small, very thin and very powdery white Macaulay Culkin and a smallish bulldog seemed to have just finished a walk. It appeared that Macaulay was also with a girl in a hooded zip up sweatshirt. She was also walking her dog (sorry, no ID on the girl; couldn't see her face.) He blew the girl a kiss and the two proceeded to enter an apartment building through the subterranean parking garage. At least Macaulay won't be HOME ALONE tonight.

· Spotted Michael Rappaport this morning working an ATM machine on Larchmont. Dude must be smoker, because he hacked up what sounded like a kitten when I strolled past him

· I was eating with my girlfriend at Swingers Cafe on Beverly and Laurel Wednesday night, when a VERY New York-ish voice that sounds like Michael Rappaport asks for the time. Looking up I see it IS Michael
Rappaport. I gave the time and said nothing more, he didn't seem like he was in a good mood trying to round his 3 kids who were running all over.

· After scarfing down the special at Mulberry St. Pizzeria, saw rapper/actress hybrid Eve Tuesday night (8/30) skimming magazines at the newstand on Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills. She looks better in person, with a very hot body. She was there with some dude, they rolled off in style. The former Ruff Ryder was rocking the canary yellow Ferrari. Nice!

· Last Wednesday (8/24) evening I was in the drive-thru line at Del Taco in Burbank (awesome in itself), when I glanced up at the driver in front of me (as seen through the driver's side mirror of her Jeep Cherokee).
It was none other than plastic surgeons' best friend, Morgan Fairchild in full Dynasty-style hair and make-up, ordering some "steak tacos all car-bone". Genius.

· Saw our favorite bitchy redheaded C-list comedienne Kathy Griffin at Border Grill in SM.

· Tuesday, 8/23, I was at The Geisha House for a showcase when I suddenly was surrounded by actresses that play characters named Kitty on TV. I heard a familiar voice coming from the woman behind me and I looked and saw Debra Jo Rupp who plays Kitty on “That 70’s Show.” In front of me sat Judy Greer, Kitty from “Arrested Development.” She was much taller than I expected and was very supportive of all the actors. The following day as I was leaving the post office in Toluca Lake, I let a girl walk in front of my car and as she looked up to wave a thanks to me I realized it was Alexis Bledel from “Gilmore Girls.” She was very pretty, pale and wearing a cute summer dress.

· Sunday 8-28: Saw two cool people at Sunset Junction. The first was Flea, standing pretty much front row to see The Weirdos. Shorter than I imagined but pretty cute with his gray stubble and the gap teeth. Later on in the evening, saw Jane Wiedlin at the shake stand. That is one short little celebrity!!!! She barely came up to my boobs! She was wearing pink and a straw hat and was very cute.

· Flashback, 1985. At the Naked Eyes/ABC concert last night (Sunday, 8/28), none other than Duckie himself, Jon Cryer, was hanging with his friend, laughing and listening to the sweet, sweet synth pop sounds. The only thing that would have made the sighting more appropriate would have been if he were in character, with the eye make-up and the black threads. I girl can dream, no? He was in jeans and a dark green long-sleeved button down. He hasn't aged a day and was friendly to any fans who walked up to chat. Rock on, Duckie!

· Labor Day. Party poolside at the W. Who should I see but Andy Milonakis enjoying some sunshine, with some dude who asked, "So did they re-up your show?" Apparently the answer is yes with some mumbling (I didn't catch the mumbling part so much.) Then up wanders Jay Mewes, who sat next to Andy and was clearly snarking about something because he looked rather peeved. Later the two of them went into the VIP section and were literally throwing money around. Oh, and for the fashion conscious, Milo was in a black t-shirt, jeans and wore glasses, Mewes was in a Celtics jersey, jeans, and had his hair pulled back. Sherman Oaks, Whole Foods, the voice of Roger Rabbit, comedian Charles Fleischer. Black shirt, empty cart, no point.

· Saturday, Aug. 27, Barneys in BH, saw Lori Petty (A League of their Own, Tank Girl) on the fourth floor, men's section, buying browsing in that corner with the Prada stuff, by the denim. Girlfriend looked like ten miles of bad road. Rag. Ged. Ey. I'm just saying.

· Tuesday night (8/30) I was sipping an overpriced martini in the rarefied air of the Four Seasons bar when a rather unattractive blonde goes strutting by jabbering loudly on her cell phone...none other than TORI SPELLING!! The first thing I noticed was that her skin was literally spackled on. I mean, my word, if you come from a gazillion dollars, can't you get a facial peel or laser surgery or something? Her skin was rougher than Astroturf and the pound of make-up she piled on wasn't helping. I could barely tear myself away for her overly bleached hair and aforementioned skin to notice her truly hideous outfit. She was wearing what looked like workout gear, if Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas designed it (the queen of fashion disasters). Literally, Tori's outfit was some sort of jersey/knit gaucho type track pants with a rainbow elastic waist (I kid you not) and a blinding yellow top that clashed with her hair. Tori was cocktailing it with a couple of gal pals, I believe they were having wine. She would not shut up. I felt sorry for her friends. But maybe Tori was buying which really helps when you're consuming $14 drinks.

· Sunday 8/28, John Cho (Harold from "Harold & Kumar") carefully avoiding all eye contact at the Sunset street festival.

· spotted galavanting gay gossiper ted casablanca at gelsons last friday with a motherly type older woman. ted seems to have given up his blond locks for anderson cooperish salt and pepper stylings. ah, the things we do for love. as for the "humpy" title, TC has nice arms but zero ass.