• Gawker Media pooped out yet another baby: Introducing Deadspin, our heterosexual attempt at sports blogging!
Seventeen forced us to learn about the vagina.
• Fox's The O.C. returned to our lonely lives, but not without the Daily News ruining it for us first.
• We wondered if the New York Press' Matt Taibbi had set sail with Sean Penn. You said yes, and the man himself confirmed.
• Martha Stewart kicked off her press tour with a thoughtful stop by the Today show.
• Gay blog Queerty made its debut, sponsored by the equally gay Navy.
Radar finally found its home.
• We confirmed that, as we suspected, Anna Wintour wears the pants around Men's Vogue — that is, when she's able to stay on her feet.
• We lost our innocence regarding taxicops.
• We asked for your help in selling out.