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· 'I DON'T think anybody has ever seen my body!" Jeremy Piven complains to Liz Smith about how he yearns to doff Ari Gold's Armani straightjacket and unleash the pecs n' pythons on the public. Next season on Entourage: Lloyd slathers Ari in sunblock at the Standard's pool as the agent once again tries to talk Vince out of quitting Aquaman. [via Jossip]
· The Prettiest Pony blog recorded the minutes from last night's The OC premiere. And while we're on the subject, did anyone else notice that sometime during the time it took for Coop to shoot Trey and for the gang to bring him to the hospital, everyone had a chance to get new haircuts?
· Sometimes we think that Britney Spears got knocked up just so she could get fat without the stigma.
· Reality TV's infamous Fat Naked Gay Guy in a Tree, Richard Hatch of Survivor, has been hit with ten counts of tax evasion and other wonderful tax-related no-nos.
· Come to think of it, yeah, that Nic Cage really is kind of a Mopey Marvin!