Trump's Stripping Apprentice Now Odds-On Favorite To Win

While Donald Trump bragged giddily to the NY Times that his hand-picked new Apprentice cast contains "an ex-stripper who is tough as nails", contestant Alla Wartenberg's profile on the show's website fails to mention that working under the impossibly obvious stage name "Ecstasy" at the Palomino Club in Vegas was part of her fulfillment of "the American Dream." The Smoking Gun uncovers the lost pole-dancing section of her CV and discovers that one of her frequent lap-dance partners was a three-time murderer:

It was this courtship of Wartenberg, investigators would later contend, that drove a desperate Acremant—who needed money to spend on his favorite Vegas stripper—to plot the 1995 robbery of two Oregon women. That attempted heist ended with Acremant killing the duo. He also murdered Scott George, a California friend, in a second botched 1995 robbery bid. Convicted in the slayings, Acremant has been sentenced to death in both California and Oregon, where he is currently imprisoned. According to Wartenberg, during Acremant's last Vegas visit, in December 1995, he pulled a handgun and stun gun on her as they were parked in a car. As she testified in August 2002 at Acremant's trial for the George killing, he was "panicking and freaking out, telling me that he, you know, he was very upset with me because I never loved him. I just used him for money." Wartenberg escaped unscathed, though she told jurors she was left "emotionally injured and scarred for life."

After being stuck in a car with a pistol and stun-gun wielding maniac, we're betting that the Apprentice Formerly Known as Ecstasy isn't going to be too intimidated by The Donald waving his Downsizing Pinky of Death at her across the boardroom table. We're picking Alla to go all the way.