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Prepare for a glaring lack of Paul Smith stripes at any and all media parties you'll attend in the next few months: Greg Lindsay has left town. Everyone's favorite itinerant media reporter yesterday became even more so, embarking on a three-week trip through what he's termed "Airworld" on assignment for Advertising Age magazine.

He'll travel the world, exploring this "closed system of terminals and shuttling aircraft," which, he says "is its own vast media and retail ecosystem ... [and] one of the largest coherent stand-alone marketing venues on earth."

The whole thing, we have to say, sounds interesting. It also seems punishing, largely because he won't be leaving Airworld at all. Which means we need to update the Greg Lindsay Career Trajectory. As it now stands:

Contributing Editor, Folio
Staff, Women's Wear Daily
Freelance, Mediabistro
Freelance, Business 2.0
Freelance, Gridskipper
Freelance, Lindsayism
Sleeping in airports for three weeks, Ad Age

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